New Look!

I was going through this phase of not wanting to buy any patterns for my girls and just design them myself, but then I saw New Look 0953 and thought I wanted to be lazy and just buy this pattern for the baby.  Actually, I didn’t have any time to play around with creating patterns.  At that time, things were way crazy in my life, but then there was this simple and adorable pattern staring at me, so I bought it.

New Look 0953 PatternI love those straps on versions B & C!  Too cute!  I finally made a couple of version C for my little one.

Top & Bottom

I used an Anna Maria Horner remnant, I believe it’s Sketchbook in ivory, which I bought at Peapod in San Francisco.  I love the flowers and nosy bird peaking out at the side of the diaper cover.  I believe the purple polka dots are Michael Miller, which my parents picked up for me from Fabric Depot in Portland, OR.  I hear that store is huge, but I haven’t been there yet.  Top

I was happy with the way the purple polka dots brought out the purple in the flowers.  You can see the lining peeking out, so cute. I added a zipper in the back of this one, just like the pattern asked for.  It ended up being a little off, but I haven’t sewn a zipper in ages, so I was happy with it.  I kept the top simple too, no piping or ric rac or lace.  My daughter is pretty much always wearing a bib, so anything fancy just gets hidden.

Top Zipper

Here’s the cute little diaper cover, displayed by my sweetie pie.  She still can’t fit them.  Even though I made the 12 month size, it looks like it would fit an 18 month old.  You can also see one of the little bibs I made for her awhile ago.  I’ll probably make more since most of her’s are becoming threadbare.  The problem I find with sewing bibs is how boring they are, but they always turn out so cute.

Penny Bottom

Here’s the little birdie.  Such a sweet fabric, and the colors are beautiful.  I’m a big Anna Maria Horner fan.  I just fall in love with her fabric.

BirdI enjoyed how simple this pattern was, and it took no time at all to make.  Gotta love that!  I know I’ll be making more before she grows out of this pattern!


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